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 Indigenous designers will be making their debut during Guyana’s most celebrated Fashion designer Sonia Noel Fashion Weekend extravaganza from November 6-13, 2016

Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Valerie Garrido-Lowe who has direct responsibility for women development met Ms. Noel, fellow Local and International Designer Richard Young and indigenous designers and cousins Vanda and Abigail Buckley in her office last week to discuss the undertaking.

“It is definitely going to bring a special element to it because the world actually is looking at indigenous influence and it’s not just the clothing it is the medicine it is everything else and there is something special about it and people definitely like to feel special I can imagine one of Miss Allicock’s design on the red carpet it will be special because it is a conversation piece it’s something that where do you get that from I know the element she is going to bring to the runway both of them it is just going to be remarkable,” Noel said when asked about this unique inclusion to her Fashion Weekend.

The Allicock’s have been operating almost silently in the business for a number of years and Noel feels that the time has come for them to share with Guyana and the rest of the world the uniqueness of the Indigenous Peoples and their culture. 

The Minister said “I am putting them together because Sonia will be the guide for these two talented people on how to really turn out clothing that we can wear with their natural talent using their beads, straw, wood and everything … I am very happy about this.

Minister Garrido-Lowe during last weeks Heritage Celebrations at Castellani House proposed the inclusion of an Indigenous Line for next year’s celebrations, an idea Noel fully endorsed.

The Minister said this added feature will serve as the impetus for the much touted November Fashion Week “ we are doing it right,” while Noel said “I am super super excited about this there is a freshness that will come to the party.”

Meanwhile, Abigail said “since as a child growing up you read the newspapers about Sonia,. Sonia, Sonia, who is Sonia but when I saw her line I was like wow she has a lot of talent but where was it hiding all these years we need persons with that so I see this as a good start for the indigenous fashion line and I am so anxious about the line because in my Surama Culture group we are discussing the line but at the village level so I am a really excited.”

Fellow designer Vanda said she too is “excited to be with Sonia I have always admired her work and I am happy to be a part of this very excited.”

The recently launched Rupununi Essence Line has also received positive reviews from Minister Garrido-Lowe and Noel who noted that the world is turning to alternative medicine a culture the indigenous peoples are a part of from time immemorial.

Noel however, called on the persons responsible for marketing this line of product to ensure it graces the shelves of stores, supermarkets among other businesses all across Guyana because of its effectiveness.

Additionally Noel said “we will be at the World’s Indigenous Fashion week,” an initiative that has been endorsed by the United Nations.

Richard Young is also the Caribbean Representative for the World's Indigenous Fashion Week.


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